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 Before You Take An Assessment You Must Have Response Link / Account Number

In order to take an assessment, you must have a response link (it is the same as the account number) and, in most cases, a password. If you do not have a response link and/or password, please check with the person who asked you to take the assessment.


Taking An Assessment

When you click on “I Agree” below you will be sent to another screen where you will be asked to type in the "Response Link" given to you by the person paying for the report(s). On the same screen you will then be asked to type in your unique password, if your account requires a password. When passwords are assigned each person has a different password. After completing this information you will be taken to the area containing your assessment questions. 


Additional Information Regarding Completing An Assessment:

· When answering the questions, answer them as if you are at WORK.

· Only answer the questions for the assessment(s) you have been asked to complete, otherwise you may personally be charged for unnecessary report(s). 

· Closely read and follow the instructions. 

· Each assessment tool typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete. 

· Answer all questions during the same sitting and during a time and a place where you are undisturbed. 

· The person who paid for the report will be emailed a copy of the report(s) by the end of the business day after completion of the assessment. 

· If you have any questions PLEASE contact the organization who asked you to take the report or us. 

· To purchase individual reports for you, your family, or others call us at 979-696-2222. THANK YOU for participating in our program.


Please Read Below To Acknowledge Your Agreement

Please acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions. Do not continue if you have not read, understood, or for some reason cannot/will not follow these instructions.


I Agree               *I DO NOT AGREE

*Choosing this will return you to the home page.